20 Aug - 02 Oct


We introduce four unique Japanese experiences that are exclusive to Japanaloo and they are not just because 'everyone else is going there..' or 'because they seem to be popular..'

Meet Wagashi

Traditional Japanese sweets "WAGASHI" is recognized as a work of art that represents the four seasons with its distinct colours and shapes. While visiting well-known WAGASHI shops in Japan, you will experience the art of these world-class sweets while admiring the beautiful traditional landscapes.


Sake Tourism in Hokkaido

With its cool climate and clear waters, Hokkaido makes an excellent place for sake brewing. A great variety of sake can be enjoyed in Hokkaido as all the conditions essential for sake production are met here.


Online Experience

Through an Online Experience, you can go on virtual tours of famous sightseeing spots in Japan, see what life is like in a real Japanese house with a Room Tour, interact with a Japanese family, learn how to make simple Japanese cuisine--and more!--all from the comfort of your own home.


Amazing Tokyo 

"Amazing Tokyo '' tour has been selected as a No.1 Experience in Japan on Tripadvisor and we are also honored to get 2020 "Tripadvisor Traveler's Choice"!